Great Anaesthetists Born in 1914

As part of the First World War commemorations, the Anaesthesia Heritage Centre has been researching anaesthetists who were born in the year 1914, and how their work and achievements have affected the development of anaesthesia over the last century.

The doctors featured here include the first paediatric anaesthetist in the US, the inventor of patient-controlled analgesia and a Danish anaesthetist who was also a master swordsman, professional ballroom dancer and member of the Magic Circle.

Click on the links below to explore these stories. This project will continue over the next few years, if you have any suggestions for anaesthetists born 1915-1918 that you would like included, please contact us.

Robert Berman, Single-Use Equipment

Leroy Vandam, First Kidney Transplants

Bernard Raymond Fink, Equipment Development

Henning Ruben, Athletics and Equipment Design

Lucien Morris, The Copper Kettle

Gordon Wyant, Pain Management & the Second World War

Norman Kornfield, Anaesthesia in the Second World War

Philip Sechzer, Patient Controlled Analgesia

Joseph Irving, Second World War

Margery van Deming, Paediatric Anaesthesia


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