Gordon Michael Wyant, 1914-2009

Gordon Wyant

Born: Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Medical training: Wurzburg, Germany and Bologna, Italy.

Achievements: Founding professor of anaesthesia, hospital of the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon when it was first opened.

Pioneer in pain management.

Key figure in the early years of the Canadian Pain Society.

Professor of Anaesthesia.

Interesting facts: He was born Gunter Maximilian Weiss.

He left Germany in 1932 because of the political situation.

During a visit home in 1937, he was arrested by the Gestapo. Strings were pulled and he was let go, though stripped of his German citizenship, deported and ordered not to return to Germany.

After travelling to Italy, he was forced to leave when it became an ally of Germany. He travelled to Britain and was interned as an enemy alien. He was sent under harsh conditions to Australia.

He enlisted in the RAMC eventually serving in Scotland, England and West Africa.

During the war, he changed his name to Wyant to make it sound less German.

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