Henning Ruben, 1914-2004

Born: Copenhagen, Denmark

Medical training: Royal Dental College, University of Copenhagen

Hobbies: Professional dancer, excelled at the tango, toured the Danish provinces with a well-known Danish singer.

Outstanding athlete and  master swordsman, he won a bronze medal for fencing in the 1930 European Championships as part of the Danish national team.

Magician, illusionist, mind reader and a member of the Danish Magic Circle.

Achievements: Produced a valve for positive end-expiratory pressure.

Designed the Ruben valve with a watchmaker which required only one hand, an automatic syringe pump for controlled delivery of drugs in a small volume of liquid, and designed the first self-inflating bag-valve-mask .

Constructed the first manikin for resuscitation training, modified in 1960 for training in closed-chest cardiac massage.

Honorary Member of the AAGBI in 1976.

Fellow by election of the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

Professor of Anaesthesia, University of Copenhagen.

Interesting facts: He was a member of the underground during the Second World War and had to flee to Sweden from occupied Denmark in 1943 in a fishing boat.

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