Lucien Ellis Morris, 1914-2011

Lucien MorrisBorn: Mattoon, Illinois, grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America

Education: University of Wisconsin

Medical training: Western Reserve University in Cleveland

Hobbies: Coached fencing as a university sport.

Guided canoe trips in Temagami, Ontario.

Avid downhill skier between the ages of 41 and 85.

Achievements: Chief of Anaesthesia of the 103rd General Hospital where he gave over 700 anaesthetics during the Second World War.

Designed and introduced a precision anaesthetic vaporiser system the ‘copper kettle’, the standard anaesthesia apparatus in most US teaching hospitals for over 25 years.

Professor at the University of Washington, and Professor of Anaesthesia, University of Toronto.

Established a new Anaesthesia Research Laboratory for Canada.

Founding Chairman of the Department of Anesthesia, Medical College of Ohio, Toledo.

Elected Fellow of the Faculty of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1978.

Interesting facts: He trained with Ralph Waters at the University of Wisconsin.

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