Oral Histories

The Anaesthesia Heritage Centre has been carrying out oral history interviews for several years. Though all the interviewees are anaesthetists, a huge range of topics are covered from how to design revolutionary new surgical equipment to what it feels like to tend to casualties in the aftermath of a terrorist attack.

Military Anaesthesia

Dr David Zuck: The Second World War

Dr Ben Siggers: Iraq & Afghanistan

Dr Charley Johnston: Camp Bastion

Dr Sean Tighe: The Falklands Conflict

Dr Andrew Hartle: 7/7 and the Olympics

Dr Tom Boulton: The Vietnam War

Dr Cyril Scurr: The Royal Army Medical Corps in WW2

Dr Alex Crampton Smith: Italy in WW2

Anaesthetic Equipment & Education

Prof William Mapleson: Physics in Anaesthesia

Prof Jennifer Hunter: Women in Anaesthesia

Dr Ramana Alladi: SAS Doctors

Mr Eric Hayward: Design in Anaesthesia

Dr Sheila Willatts: Intensive Care

Dr Derek Wylie: St Thomas’ Hospital

Dr Roger Eltringham: Adventures in Anaesthesia

Prof David Hatch: Paediatric Anaesthesia and Great Ormond Street

Brigadier Ivan Houghton: The Triservice Apparatus

Dr Archie Brain: The Laryngeal Mask

Dr Jean Horton: International Anaesthesia

One thought on “Oral Histories

  1. Reinhard Jaki February 3, 2017 / 11:00 am

    Very interesting

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