Dublin Quiz 2

1. Who published the first description of “artificial ventilation” and in which year? (2pts)

2. What year was the first Boyles machine launched?

3. In which year and in which journal did Dr Brain publish his first article on the laryngeal mask? (2pts)

4. In which year was the first issue of Anaesthesia published?

5  In which year was the use of general anaesthesia in the dental chair in general dental practice banned?

6. In which year was the Charles King collection donated to the AAGBI?

7.  In which year was the first Junior Anaesthetic Group formed? When did it change its name to GAT? (2pts)

8..What rank did Sir Robert McIntosh hold in the RAF?

9.  Whose forceps for the use in intratracheal anaesthesia were invented in 1920?

10. In which year was the Faculty of Anaesthetics formed at the RCS?

11. In which year was Succinylcholine first used?

12. When was the World Federation of Anaesthesiologists formed?

13. .What are the “Harvard Standards” and what was their most important recommendation?

14. Which anaesthetist working as an NHS consultant described the “failed intubation drill” and the detection of awareness during  anaesthesia?

15.In which year did Boyle publish his first “Practical Anaesthesia?

16. In which year was the first full-time resuscitation training officer appointed in Scotland?

17. Who described a dry bobbin flowmeter and in which year? (2pts)

Click here for the answers.


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