Sir Ivan Magill

1. What year was Sir Ivan Magill born? (1 point for the year only, 2 points for the full date.)Ivan Magill, P107

2. Where was he born?

3 .Where and in which year did he graduate in medicine?

4. What was his wife’s name and when did they marry? (2 pts)

5 What year was he knighted by the Queen?

6. Which year was he appointed to a post at Queen’s Hospital, Sidcup and which famous surgeon  did he work with? (2 pts)

7. What regiment did he join in WW1 and which field hospital was he attached to? (2 pts)

8. Whish other famous anaesthetist did he work with in Sidcup?

9. What unexpected “occurrence” took place in 1920?

10.What year was he appointed to a post at the Westminster Hospital and what was the title of that post? (2 pts)

11. Which year did he retire from the NHS?

12. How old was he when he gave his last anaesthetic?Ivan Magill fishing, P101.16

13. Where did he celebrate his 90th birthday?

14. What unexpected “present” did he receive for his 90th birthday?

15. What year did he die and how old was he?

Click here for the answers.


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