Bernard Brodhurst

Bernard Brodhurst was an eminent orthopaedic surgeon, and owned the house from 1897.

After graduating, Brodhurst travelled extensively across Europe, and spent months working in Paris, Vienna, Prague and Berlin, before travelling across Italy. He arrived in Rome in 1849 and was present when the French troops lay siege to the city. When injured French troops refused to be treated by Italian surgeons, any foreigners in Rome were requested to assist at the hospitals. Brodhurst was one of less than a dozen English residents who chose to remain until the end of the siege, and he took charge of supervising the wounded soldiers. Over 5,000 French soldiers were killed, injured or fell sick with malaria during the battle.

After the end of the siege, Brodhurst was awarded the Legion of Honour by the French Commander-in-Chief, and returned to London to become a surgeon at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. During his career he was also Assistant Surgeon at St George’s, a Lecturer on Orthopaedic Studies, a surgeon at the Royal Hospital for Incurables, and Consulting Surgeon at the Belgrave Hospital for Children. As well as working for hospitals, he also held the chief orthopaedic private practice in the country.

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