General Sir Henry Clinton

General Sir Henry Clinton was the second owner of 21 Portland Place, from 1784-1797.

General Sir Henry Clinton
General Sir Henry Clinton

He began his military career as a teenager in the Coldstream Guards and, after distinguished service in Germany during the Seven Years War (1754-1763), was sent to America as a Major General. He was rewarded for his roles in the Battles of Bunker Hill (1775) and Long Island (1776) with a promotion to Lieutenant General and made an Order of the Bath. By 1778, he was Commander in Chief in North America, but resigned his commission in 1781 after the loss of the American colonies and disagreements with his deputy, Lord Cornwallis.

After his return to England, Clinton became MP for Newark (1774-1784) and Launceston (1790). He was made Governor of Gibraltar in 1793, but died in London before he could take up the post.

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