The Intavent

The Intavent Room still contains many of features typical to the Adam Style: the two grand fireplaces, the plaster wall friezes and the ornate painted ceiling.Apollo

Pastoral scenes were very fashionable in the late eighteenth century, and features in the wheatear plasterwork by the doors, and in one of the ceiling paintings. This painting shows Apollo, god of music and poetry, who represents the intellectual and civilised side of human nature. The women in the painting are three of the nine muses, and are shown with their traditional attributes, though are not identifiable individually.

The central circular painting shows Venus, the goddess of Love, with Cupid and the Three Graces. The Graces, Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia, are the personifications of Chastity, Beauty and Love, and are often shown as attending Venus, or dancing to Apollo’s music. The pair of doves seen behind Cupid is often an attribute of Venus, and represents love and constancy.

Intavent Fireplace
Fireplace with Adam plasterwork


The Abbott Forum                                                                                              Previous Owners



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